Bus blogger

It’s been months since I posted here. I’ve been busy changing my day job and working up the second draft of my new book, of which more later. I suppose that is a further extension of my wider quest to change my day job again, to one which just involves making stuff up for a living.

Anyway, in finishing my new one, working title Adrenaline, I’ve got entirely out of the habit of writing. Bad me. Partly that’s the distraction of work, partly the distraction of the social element of the new job which is also more fun than the last job, but also because in finishing Adrenaline and tangling with the awkward task of editing I’ve felt it necessary to disengage a little, to establish sufficient distance to facilitate perspective, the better to edit. Which is of course nonsense but I like a good excuse as much as the next procrastinator.

My 1,000 words a day discipline worked absolute wonders last year and the momentum and productivity it fostered in writing Adrenaline was the most and least fun I’ve had writing in years. I loved and hated it. I absolutely must start again. Say it with me: 1K a Day.

Finishing draft two of Adrenaline is a good reason to get cracking again. I cannot finish draft three until its been proof read (come on proof reading team!) which I am confident will be the final draft too as I really like what I’ve got and that’s not easy to say when you’re as self critical as I tend to be. But there’s some enthusiasm stoked by finishing that and being happy with it, enthusiasm which is further stoked by the happy accident of finding some more reviews of Gatecrasher I’d not seen before.

Confession time here: self-pubbed author got wife to do a review! And my Mum. Ok, I’m embarrassed. But I was new to it and it seemed like a good idea at the time. But then some people I’d never met before did reviews and gave me four and five stars and said nice things. Very nice things actually.

Then today, as I checked the page on amazon to see if the book was charting again (#69 as I write this in the free suspense thrillers chart) I noticed some more reviews. Both positive. Then I looked at at the amazon.com page and there was a new one there too. Very positive.

So this is, I think, the foot in the backside I’ve been seeking. A little line or two from someone somewhere who gave of their free time to read my book, then liked it so much that they logged on and wrote a review. Might not have taken a whole lot of effort, but it means an awful lot to me. So thanks to those people, I’m all revved up again.

Writing this on the bus home, I can’t wait to get back and get going.

The Gatecrasher sequel is 5,000 words in and my put-upon protagonist is about to find himself in a world of hurt.

He’s going to rue the day I got my mojo back…


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