Apocalypse No.

So the year that was supposed to end with The End, is ending with rather more of a whimper than a bang, though I myself will attempt to see it out with a little popping of corks instead.

But today is a good day to reflect, not just because it is the eve of a new year but also the occasion of my birthday. Thank you, I will have a happy one.

2012 was a heckins of a year for me. Not just the unbridled awesomeness of being in London for the greatest Olympics and Paralympics of all time ever (and also the most hyperbolised) or the fact that my eldest son started school but it marks the year when my embryonic writing ambitions sort of, well, hatched.

I have noted elsewhere how long it was from start to finish for Gatecrasher but the process that began with me figuring that the Kindle self-publishing tool was the best way of having my book see the light of day and actually get read by people other than friends and family, has ended with me finishing the first draft of my second book, and begin the writing of my third book, a sequel to Gatecrasher.

When I published Gatecrasher I had only modest ambitions for it (and for me) which have evolved over time – first just to get it ‘out there’, then once fifty or so copies had been downloaded it dawned on me that just publishing it was only the start of things, not the end. Then when the feedback started coming back positive and encouraging, I wanted to really push it. Next thing I know it had hit third spot in the free downloads chart on Amazon for suspense thrillers, one place above Bram Stokers Dracula, and here at the year end the total number of people that have downloaded it is in the thousands and in several countries.

All ambitions exceeded. Time to set some new ones. Happy New Year everyone.