Guilty Pleasures

When my wife read my Movie Night post, she said, rather dismissively I must add, that it was a ‘Boy’s List’.

Fair enough, I don’t much care for chick flicks, rom coms and the like. I want, laughs, thrills, twists and some brain food from time to time. I believe some or all of those are represented in those first ten, and in my next there will be more.

But it did set me to thinking, what of those rom-coms and chick flicks? I don’t dislike them all. There are a few that I won’t switch off when I see them on my TV. Some even that I will put on when scouring the Sky box.

So for reasons of balance, here are a few of those movies that I might otherwise turn my nose up at, but really, quite like.

1. Hugh Grant. His appearances on Leveson and Question Time elevated him in my humble opinion, but though it’s easy to dismiss him, one must admit that Four Weddings and a Funeral is a fine piece of work and Notting Hill better than it has any right to be. He’s basically the only redeeming feature of that Bridget Jones movie too. The first one, I haven’t seen the second.

2. Just Friends. I discovered this when my wife (then girlfriend) insisted on watching it one lazy Saturday morning. I tried to remain aloof and stuck my nose in a book but ended up watching. And really enjoying it. It looks ike they had fun making it, as the bloopers demonstrate.

3. The Benchwarmers. See above – trying to ignore a movie that I knew would suck, then watching it anyway. And laughing despite myself. I should know better.

4. Independence Day. What’s that? Massive alien invasion?Huge sfx budget? Jeff Goldblum? I’m IN!! OK, so it’s a shame that it kind of sucks a bit, there’s the dreadful American-President-Saves-World thing and the speech too, but there’s some rip-roaring action, exploding buildings and the bit at the start with the bass-rumble and the huge space ships disconnecting from the mother-ship which is actually very cool. And Jeff Goldblum.

5. The Break Up. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan playing themselves. She’s cutesy, he’s blokeish. Meh. Sill though, anything with Jon Favreau and Jason Bateman in can’t be all bad right? The ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ scene is great, and if I could find a clip I’d link it.


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