London Secrets – My Pictures

This is an extension of my piece for London’s Open Secrets. On my wanders I’ve taken the chance to whip out the iPhone and snap off a few shots of things I’ve seen and found around town of interest. Most of these are referenced in the blog piece, so have a look at that too. Go on, look.

So there’s Winchester Palace, down on Clink Street. More on that here. Then The George, down Borough High Street. There are a couple of shots of the crumbling ruins of London Wall, which I managed to get by clambering down to it one quiet Saturday. Not sure if you’re supposed to go there but hey. Interesting to do when the City is deserted on the weekend and get a closer look. A couple of pics in the fascinating Roman Amphitheater under the Guildhall. Literal layers of history! The list of all the monarchs that have ruled since the Cheshire Cheese was rebuilt in 1667. Then there are the little oddities in the basement of the church next to Tower of London. The portion or Roman pavement, Shackleton’s crows nest. The two mice eating cheese is quite a tricky one to find, but the story is interesting. And then there’s the entry/exit to the old Kingsway tram tunnel that used to run underneath Kingsway between Aldwych and Holborn.
















One thought on “London Secrets – My Pictures

  1. How I wish I could visit London and see these wonderful places myself! šŸ™‚

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