More than once

Now look, when I told you about this Blogcrasher, I never said it was just the once.

There was this:

“Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware of an odd phenomenon. Whenever the movie I’m watching is set in London, my home town, I become totally preoccupied by the locations on screen- do I know it, have I been there, is that continuity accurate?

It’s very distracting.”

There was another time it happened too. Went to eat and everything. See:

“London is considered one of the finest cities in the world for eating out. There are 36 Michelin stars to be found across the capital’s eateries and as wide a range of gastronomic styles as one could wish for. But in the land of the hungry cockney, pie and mash is king.”

That’s all?? No that’s not all. The first time it was a London thing. And I love London.

“It has been noted by more learned minds, such as the great London historian Peter Ackroyd, that one of London’s chief qualities is its power of regeneration. It is a place constantly changing and evolving, redrawing and reshaping itself. That runs largely counter to its major tourist draw; that of its deep, rich history.”

And no, I don’t think that will be the end of it either. Just get used to it Blogcrasher.


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