Last book I read.

Technically it was an In The Night Garden book with my youngest son this morning, but the last ‘book’ book was The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson.

I’ve read his first one, Them, and absolutely loved it. We all love a good conspiracy nut, and Ronson gives us several.

The Psychopath Test is a belting read, equating the common traits of psychopaths with the rich and successful – ruthless, heartless leaders of countries and companies. I found myself tallying up all the traits on the test with an old boss of mine who scored (by my reckoning) very high. I knew it!

It is of course broader than just an examination of what makes a psycho but takes in the whole nature of mental illness and diagnosing it, and more sinister, the industry that has grown up around it. Particularly sinister, pharmaceuticals.

Funny, intelligent and thought provoking. I’m really struggling to resist the urge to use the line ‘you’d be crazy not to’ not least because – awful punning aside – it’s probably in quite poor taste. There’s also some amazing stuff about David Shayler that I was completely unaware if. Great read.


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