When I began writing Gatecrasher, in around 2001, I was really just scratching an old itch. Really I’d harboured ambitions of being a writer since childhood. To have taken 11 years to finish and publish it is reflective of two facts: I have been far less disciplined in my writing than I should have for one. Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, the invention of the kindle. Being able to self publish so easily has made the world of difference. Without this option, the manuscript may have remained neglected, periodically dusted off and tampered with every so often but ultimately ignored.

Even when I was editing it for the KDP site I still had little more than a feeling that ‘at least then it is done’ rather than any loftier ambitions.

Not now though. Now I have the bug back. Now it feels real again and like an achievable, worthwhile goal. I have always wanted to be a writer but for many years I was a writer that didn’t actually write.

Excuses are the thing. There’s always something that you let get in the way; I have a day job with bills to pay, I have a social life, I’m not in the right frame of mind… Now I’m married with two kids, have still got a day job, still got a social life. But I’m writing too.

I’m a writer that writes.

This blog is a way to keep that statement true and I will look to keep it regularly updated, varied and worth your time.


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